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"Hope is a Risk I have to Take"

Peace on Earth and Humanity on Mars are my hopes (redirect defense-funding to build space-infrastructure, including reception-devices outside Earth's Magnetic Field, induce bio-diverse life on Mars and mine asteroids). My intention is to awaken your original ideas towards unity and possibility. In my digital presence, through conversation, I am hoping for you, to become more of yourself. Relating reaps happiness which is a version of value and strength.  

Following are Titles of 29 dense-videos (expect these videos uploaded soon) that are windows to my offered Solution - MoHOPE


  • V - View (world view)
  • I - Identity 
  • ​T - Talk 
  • ​C - Contribution
  • ​O - Order 
  • ​R - Rest 
  • ​Y - Yourself


  • R - Remember
  • I - ​Inquisitive 
  • ​S - Standards
  • ​E - Excellence


  • C - Connection
  • ​A - Action (Activity)
  • ​V - Value
  • ​E - Equality


  • M - Many
  • ​E - Energy
  • ​R - Research
  • ​I - Intention
  • ​T - Transition


  • L - Love (yourself) - This is the 1st video (above), on this web-page
  • ​A - Accept
  • ​R - Risk
  • G - Give
  • ​E - Excuses?


  • A - Attempt
  • ​P - Permute
  • ​E - Enliven
  • ​X - Xyz Factor
  • Your discussion with me will see your clear goals and weight focus on process
  • Optional ​access to the 29 of my online videos (selectively recommended) (Eg: V.I.C.T.O.R.Y from the above acronym, has 7 videos that starts with V=View or World View, and so on)
  • ​Online Coaching about possible questions from and discussion about each of the 29 very dense 3 min videos], read as meaningful conversation scheduled as seen mutually fit


I have an Indian passport, I was born in Manipal, Udupi district, which I called my home until my daughter was born in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. My daughter and wife, also have Indian passports but I prefer being called desi. Desi, turns shame into shrine and shrek, and false pride into felicitation. Bharat Matha ki Jai! "India" is a hangover of the British Empire that got my people drunk on oppression, which often led to deprivation. My gratitude for leaving me with english can only go so far. What I call my roots are from the land between the Himalayas and the ocean, a subcontinent blessed by the Divine Mother connected to many alternate versions. My culture (refinement, not baggage) is mostly expressed as post-conventional, cutting-edge. Lyrically clarifiable, literally readable but really rapid, responsible and researchable.

There are certain uncertainties. I will not begin to tell you, how important it is to regulate seas and what sees. Purpose, prose, preparation counts enough to the thee? Would you like me to tell you stories? Short hand realities, of tries and triumphs as we zoom10x only to make sure clearly, then bring back from gravity, sounds of air-conditioning. 

With hope and happiness, I pay my respects to Ras Al Khaimah, where I am now with my family, and the Government of Dubai that issued my permit to work from the United Arab Emirates. One word, MoHOPE

I hope to be timely but even a chat with me from here requires your intentional investment
Desies as a people, are linked to the Himalayas and the Mahaa Ocean (in lieu of Indian Ocean), between which a chunk of land seems to have somehow connected with the rest of Asia so desirably that, great heights can be reached. 

But only if you try, without conniving vested interests. 

My conversations with you about MoHOPE will link to people and forces but focus on who you are.


In knowing me, you will know you are not. And that will bring you closer, to who you can be, with me.

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